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To identify those in the community in need of support.  

We request members of the community to let us know, in the strictest confidence, if they come across someone in need of support

It is a great Mitzvah to bring assistance anonymously to someone in need.

Please contact either:

Rabbi Natti Friedler 0409 603 176

David Selikman (KMC President) 0416 007 116

Gavin Marx (Board Executive) 

KM Cares is:

  • Elderly and Family Support

    – Providing support through home visits and regular phone calls, transportation, assistance with shopping and meals.
    – Facilitating outings, entertainments and communal Shabbat dinners.
    – Facilitating improved iPhone and computer skills to enable communication with loved ones and autonomous management of affairs. 

  • Family Support

    – Providing meal support to the incapacitated and ill, and to Shiva homes.
    – Supporting those in the community who have lost their livelihoods to seek short-term employment, and through facilitating retraining, up-skilling and career counselling. 

  • Financial & Professional Support

    – Utilising various professionals in the community to provide free legal, accounting, recruitment and financial expertise.
    –  Utilising various tradesmen in the community to provide plumbing, electrical repairs and handyman services.
    – Providing confidential, interest-free loans, when funds are available, to those with a compelling requirement. 

  • Medical Support

    – Utilising medical practitioners in our community to provide free- of- charge services to those in need.
    – Providing pre-Shabbat visits through as many hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and homes as possible.
    – Providing support through home visits and regular phone calls, transportation to/from doctor’s appointments and assistance with providing meals.

  • Bereavement Support

    – Assisting with wording, insertions, arrangement of death notices and headstones.
    – Teaching Kaddish
    – Arranging transport to/from the funerals as well as to/from Shul for Kaddish.
    – Providing support through meals and regular contact with the bereaved during Shiva and Shloshim.

Acknowledgements and Funding

KM cares is autonomously funded by the KM Cares Benevolent Fund, which relies on community tzedakah and the chesed of volunteers who provide their time and services.
Thanks you to our generous Kehillat Masada community, without which KM Cares could not function.
Proudly a Kehillat Masada initiative.

Need help?

If you or someone you know needs help,    click here for more information.

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