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Our program is developed and tailored to the unique goals of each participant.

We understand that every child is an individual with distinct strengths, interests, and areas for growth.

Our mission is to exceed expectations and deliver a memorable and spiritually enriching experience for you and your child.

By participating in this program, your child will not only gain a deeper understanding of their Jewish identity but also create lasting memories and connections within our community.

We are committed to providing an enriching experience that aligns with the values and traditions that are important to you and your family.


Group Sessions for Bar / Bat Mitzvah Participants

  • Themed sessions held throughout the year
  • Intergeneration involvement
  • Interactive and Engaging workshops
  • A variety of guest speakers
  • Excursions, Chesed Activities, Chagim celebrations
  • Family Shabbat dinner
  • Personalized one one-on-one learning


Four members of our team who will be instrumental in ensuring the success of this program include:

  • Rabbi Friedler: Guidance and Mentorship. Rabbi Friedler will play a crucial role in providing guidance and mentorship throughout this journey. An experienced and compassionate leader, committed to helping your child navigate this period of growth and learning. He will take them through the blessings, haftorah and maftir as well as provide opportunities for involvement in the Shabbat service as per the wishes and capabilities of your son.
  • Rebbetzin Deb: Guidance and Mentorship. Rebbetzin Deb is an integral part of our program, offering guidance and mentorship to both parents and Bat Mitzvah candidates. Her wisdom and experience will provide valuable insights as your child navigates this transformative journey. She will assist in the development and writing of the D’var Torah.
  • Ivan Fuchs: Ivan will be your go-to person for all administrative matters related to the Bar Mitzvah program and the Shabbat service and aliyot. He will be there to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and organized journey for you and your child.
  • Sue Selikman: Event and Catering. Sue will be organizing the events and catering for the program and your Simcha, ensuring that each celebration reflects the uniqueness of your child. Her creative touch and dedication will add that special flair to make your Bar Mitzvah truly memorable.
  • Ivan Fuchs:    M: 0414 345 795

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