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From its humble beginnings in 1984 when a group of 9 families established

the St. Ives Minyan, it is now a thriving Kehillah of over 350 families

catering to a diverse spectrum of ages and affiliations.

The Kehillat Masada Community stands tall amongst Sydney congregations, its reputation spreading far and wide.

Its banner of ‘The Community Synagogue’ personifies its famous attributes of warmth,  camaraderie, inclusiveness, and vibrancy.

Under the leadership of a young, perceptive Rabbinical team, supported by an Executive and Board of Management, 

Masada projects a young, determined force for the growth and continuity of Judaism on the North Shore.

The Kehillah is a constant work in progress offering its Community an array of opportunities to connect in many different ways,

from 3 different Shul services each Shabbat on the same campus, to adult educational programs, specific women’s and

youth programs, children’s services, social events and outings, and much more.

The Executive management and the Board ensure that they focus on the sense of community and belonging.

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